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Disposable Chef's Hat

Wearing a hat in the catering industry is usually an essential part of your uniform, but in some instances a disposable hat may be preferred. In which case, W.V. Howe offer disposable chef’s hats that are suitable for single use.

With over seventy years as catering suppliers, we fully recognise the demands of a commercial catering environment and that convenience plays a crucial role, which is why our range of catering equipment and clothing covers all aspects of catering supplies, including single use hats.

Our disposable chef hats come in packs of 100 and are made from paper. They’re ideal for use in any type of commercial kitchen, helping to maintain hygiene standards and keep hair in place. Not only that, but with the convenience of being able to replace it they get soiled, you can ensure that kitchen staff always have appropriate headgear.

To make sure you have all the catering equipment you need, trust W.V. Howe.