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Disposable Gloves

When you buy your catering equipment supplies from W.V. Howe you’ll find everything you need to maintain good levels of hygiene for health and safety in the kitchen.

We understand that working in the catering industry requires high levels of hygiene, whether you’re prepping the food, serving it or cooking it, so in this section, you’ll find disposable vinyl gloves, which come in a choice of sizes.

Vinyl disposable gloves are the ideal choice for catering staff as they are offer comfort, dexterity and practicality, whilst also being suitable for kitchen staff who may suffer from latex allergies.
Make sure your catering kitchen is always fully stocked with high quality disposable gloves, by shopping with W.V. Howe. Simply choose your size and quantity, add to your basket and browse the rest of our range or head straight to the check out.