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Unisex Safety Shoes

When it comes to safety in the kitchen, it’s always important to evaluate your kitchen uniform, including your shoes. Whilst you want your footwear to comfortable for those long hours on your feet, it also needs to conform to certain safety standards to minimise the risk or accidents.

This is why W.V. Howe stock a range of Professional Safety Shoes, which have been specifically designed by Bon Chef for use in commercial kitchens. Equipped with anti-slip and anti-static soles, shock absorber heels and 200 Joule steel toe caps, as well as conforming to EN ISO 20345:2004 S1 standards, so you can guarantee your feet are well protected from falling pots and pans or spillages. Not only that, but they’re engineered to be comfortable, lightweight and durable too.

Available in a range of sizes from UK 4 up to UK 12, choose W.V. Howe as your catering shoe supplier, and you’ll have peace of mind that you’re buying top quality brand products at great wholesale catering equipment prices.