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Whether it is tins for baking cakes, roasting potatoes or steaming tins, W.V.Howe have a large selection of bake ware available. Roasters, non-stick pans or even pyrex dishes are some of the options which you can choose from. 

Something as necessary as the aluminium baking sheet is offered in a different sizes, so you can source the product that is right for you. When baking a delicious cake, it is essential to have the correct shape and size of tin needed to produce that show stopper at the end of the meal. The great thing is that there is an extensive choice of sizes of bake ware and moulds allowing you to find exactly what you need. From bakewell pans, to flans, the perfect shape and sized dish is necessary to end your meal perfectly. Baking of the sweet or savoury variety is all catered for in our bake ware section. Pyrex dishes come a range of shapes and sizes and we even stock measuring jugs to help with the measuring.

Pudding basins, mixing bowls and casserole dishes are some of the options available made out of this versatile material. One thing you can be sure of, is that when browsing the products available at W.V.Howe, you are looking at high quality equipment at competitive prices. With over 70 years experience in the catering industry, it goes without saying that we have hand picked what we feel you need for your kitchen environmen

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