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Bakewell Pans

Bakewell pans are ideal for roasting and baking. When choosing the perfect pan you need something that durable, long lasting, and one that is a good conductor of heat. These aluminium pans are the perfect choice and come in a range of sizes to suit your catering needs.

These versatile pans, can even be ordered with express delivery from W.V.Howe; we only choose the best quality so you can be sure that these bakewell pans will meet your expectations. Because of the shape of these you can ensure that there is even cooking across the tray, and they are also suitable for a wide range of heat sources. Cooking without hot spots, on an even surface, and one that can be placed on which ever heat source you choose, are some of the fantastic features you will find if you purchase a bakewell pan from W.V.Howe.