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Baking & Steaming Tins

Baking and steaming tins which come in a fantastic range of lengths, widths and depths are what you will find at W.V. Howe.  When you are buying items for your busy catering kitchen, it is important to have the perfect shape and size of tin for your cooking needs.  As an experienced catering supplier we understand that high quality items, at reasonable prices are what every kitchen needs.  The steaming and steaming tins come in large, medium and small size allowing you to select the perfect tin for the ultimate gastronomic success in your establishment. 

Within each of these sizes you will find a range of depths; whether you need a deeper tin at 83mm or a shallower one at 32mm, you can be sure that you are getting a fantastic product at a great price. Each tin has been manufactured with the catering industry in mind.