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Can Openers

The catering industry requires all kinds of equipment for food preparation and much of that equipment is designed to make life in the kitchen simply, easy and efficient. This is no truer than with tin openers. Inevitably you will use a number of tinned ingredients and the last thing you need is a tin opener that isn’t fit for purpose.

This is why at W. V. Howe we have a wide selection of tin openers in all shapes and sizes that will make opening any can quick and efficient, whether you’re tackling a bumper wholesale sized tin of tomatoes or a normal sized can of chickpeas!

For those looking for tin openers on an industrial scale then you should definitely take a look at our Bonzer Tin Openers in a range of different sizes and designs. They’re specifically designed for catering environments, clamping to the work surface and are equipped with a turning handle mechanism that makes opening any kind of can quick, simple and secure. And if you need a new blade or can-opener wheel, we also offer replacements and spares for a number of our tin-opener products.

Alternatively, we also offer high quality hand-held tin openers, which can be easily stowed away in a draw when not in use and work effectively for straightforward tin opening.
Why not take a closer look at our complete collection of tin-openers for catering purposes below and you won’t be disappointed. W. V. Howe catering suppliers brings you everything you could need for quality catering equipment at fantastically low prices.