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Hand Held

When it comes to hand held tin openers, you just want to purchase a product that gets the job done. You may already have a bench fixed can opener in the kitchen, but if this breaks down, or you get a can that’s not of standard size, you’ll likely need a quality hand held can opener on hand.

At WV Howe, we’re happy to supply all that any commercial or industrial kitchen needs, and we have some great options when it comes to the humble can opener. Our standard can openers are so low priced, you’ll certainly want to stock up – even just in case of emergencies, whilst for those who like to but a little less elbow grease in, our magician can openers will do the job at a hugely competitive price too!

Simply browse below to find the best can opener for you, add it to your basket, then why not search the rest of our store for some fantastic catering supplies you’re sure to need in your kitchen!