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Low Density

Every kitchen needs a good selection of chopping boards, and the low density chopping boards we have on offer are great for chopping, slicing, cutting and other food preparation needs. The boards we offer below are made from a polyurethane, a strong material that can stand up to knife cuts without damaging, dulling, or chipping your knives. Polyurethane is also able to absorb the blade, which prevents dulling due to the cutting surface. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean, our boards will not trap bacteria in the knife indentions either, allowing you to keep your kitchen hygienic.

In order to help you eliminate cross contamination during food prep, we’ve carefully sourced a wide range of premium quality colour coded chopping boards. These chopping boards are useful for cutting raw meat, raw fish, cooked meat, salad and fruit, baked goods and vegetables, allowing you to easily see which colour is used for which food, and ensuring there are no mistakes when it comes to preparing foods that should never touch.