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Aluminium (Medium Duty)

The workhorse of many kitchens and still the predominant metal for those kitchens on a tight budget, or that prefer the versatility this metal cookware provides is aluminium. The advantage of aluminum is that it is cheap, does not corrode and is a superb conductor of heat. This makes aluminum cookware perfect for the hob.

As an essential range of cookware, we know even the smallest kitchen will need more than a couple of medium duty pans, so the prices for our medium-duty aluminum pans, pots, poachers, double boilers, milk pans, saucepans are carefully negotiated to give you great value for money.

Medium-duty aluminum pans with a base thick of 3mm to 4mm are suitable for open-top cooking ranges, but with the more intense heat of a solid-top range or for hard use, a heavy-duty pan with a base of 7mm will perform better. As experienced catering equipment suppliers, we offer both ranges within our online store so feel free to browse the rest of the store to build a complete set!