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Whilst we all want to invest in equipment that can be used time and time again for better value for money, there are certain essential items that can and should only be used once. This isn’t being wasteful, it’s simply fact and often comes down to hygiene, as well as efficiency. This is why at W. V. Howe catering suppliers, you’ll find a selection of Disposable products that are perfect for use in catering to make life simple and service effective.

Essential items such as greaseproof paper, kitchen foil, cling film and baking parchment can be found as part of our disposable range. Theses useful items will become your best friends in the kitchen for cooking, prepping and storing food, so make sure you always have a bumper supply in stock, as at W. V. Howe we offer them in 75m, 90m and even 300m rolls.

Other handy items that will enhance your food presentation include paper cup cases and paper doilies in different sizes and shapes. Whilst the doily may have been around for some time, these items are still high in demand in modern catering, offering kitsch and pretty presentation for cakes, biscuits, sandwiches and pastries. You can make a standard plate that little more special and simply throwaway after use.
Make sure your kitchen and food presentation is complete with these helpful and essential disposable items from W. V. Howe catering suppliers. We have all your catering equipment needs covered.