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Plastic disposable cups are used in a variety of different restaurants and catering events. From fun runs to buffets, there’s always a need for a quality plastic cup and they’re pretty easy to clear away too. In addition to this, other plastic disposables such as cling film are a standard purchase for many catering firms. However, buying in bulk is the best bet to ensure you keep the budget lean.
When catering for a large crowd, you don't want to be buying hundreds of plastic cups in packs of five or ten or cling film in small rolls. As we are a catering supplies company, we understand the need to purchase in bulk, so it’s easy to transport your plastic disposables, so we’ve worked hard to ensure our disposable plastic cups are certainly a help to your company and your budget. Not only do they come in sets of 100 cups, they’re extremely competitively priced.

For a range of plastic catering products that pack in enough for a service company, why not browse the products below?