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Gastronorm Accessories

W. V. Howe have been catering equipment suppliers for over seventy years and in that time we have seen a huge number of innovative products become everyday items in the catering industry. And as catering equipment suppliers, we always strive to give our customers everything they need with high quality products at great prices. 

This includes our Gastronorm Container range, which offers uniform standard size containers for commercial catering. As part of this range, we also stock a selection of accessories, which can be used in conjunction with gastronorms to improve presentation and food storage.

These products include Divide Bars in different sizes, so you can easily define different products on display and keep them separate, such as raw foods and cooked dishes.

Also in this range are Stainless Steel Drainers, which can be used as inserts with stainless steel or polycarbonate gastronorms to drain excess liquid from stored foods such as salads.
Take a look at our full range below and you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.