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Premium Gastronorms (Plain)

With W. V. Howe you’ll find an impressive selection of Gastronorms in all shapes and sizes. One our fantastic products ranges for gastronorms includes our Stainless Steel range.
These dishes offer a convenient and practical method for storing and serving up food, in particular with countertop service, where you can prepare dishes in the kitchen and simply serve straight up on the counter.
Made from stainless steel these Gastronorms are hardwearing, cost effective and heat resistant, so they can be used for storing and serving up a wide range of warm dishes and used in heated food counters too.
Whatever you’re looking for when it comes to gastronorms, our selection of Stainless Steel Gastronorms offer the perfect solution for quality and value for money.
Take a look at our extensive range below and shop with W. V. Howe today.