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Knives - Coloured Handle

With W. V. Howe catering suppliers, we believe that our customers should have a wide choice of high quality products that will meet their needs and their budget. In this section, you’ll find exceptional quality Genware Kitchen Knives that deliver on quality and value for money every time.

These knives feature a razor sharp blade with excellent edge retention and sharpening, so you can keep your knives razor sharp at all times. The sharp, pointed blades, teamed with ergonomically designed handles in a variety of colours, offer users great precision and control for a wide range of uses.

Whether you’re looking for a bread knife that glides through even the thickest of breads with ease, a paring knife that will give you excellent control for cutting detailed cutting or a large kitchen knife that will cut through a wide variety of ingredients, then Genware has just the knives for you.

Make sure you’re fully equipped for all types of cutting, carving, boning and filleting tasks with Genware Knives from W. V. Howe catering suppliers Birmingham.