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Knives - Sabatier

In our commitment to bring you the best products in the industry at fantastically low prices, you’ll find a fabulous range of legendary Sabatier Knives below. 

Working in the catering industry, you’ll know that a good set of quality knives makes all the difference when it comes to prepping, chopping, slicing and filleting, which is why we offer the renowned Sabatier Knives, so you can be fully equipped whatever you’re cooking up.

The Sabatier Knives have been made since 1819 in Thiers, France. They feature handles with triple brass rivets and their signature narrow, pointed blade shapes, allow for better precision and control. This means that cutting even the smallest pieces of food, is nice and easy.

Why not take a look at our stunning collection below, which includes different size chefs knives, bread knives, paring and filleting knives. Invest in your commercial catering kitchen or your own personal knife collection today with W. V. Howe catering suppliers.