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Weight Sets

In the catering industry, it’s incredibly important to use precise measurements in your cooking to ensure consistent and successful results. This rule applies across all types of cooking, whether you’re baking cakes, making sauces or roasting meats – you need to have an accurate measure of the ingredients to be able to calculate cooking times, mix ingredients together correctly and ensure the balance of flavours.

This is why at W. V. Howe catering supplies, we have a whole host of kitchen scales on offer. For the traditionalists, in this section, you’ll find a selection of Imperial and Metric Weight Sets that can be used on traditional balance scales or a pair of scales that use a balance beam to compare the weights.

This method of weighing offers a very precise result for measuring ingredients and are still preferred over more modern digital scales in many commercial catering environments. Make sure your weights are in good condition and fully accurate, by investing in a Weight Set from W. V. Howe today.