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Pastry & Cake Making

Whether you’re new to the baking profession or a seasoned professional, you’ll find plenty of essential and useful items in our Pastry & Cake Making range. At W. V. Howe we want to provide our customers with a comprehensive selection of products than spans all aspects of pastry and cake making. It doesn't matter if you’re baking elaborate wedding cakes, individual homemade savoury pies or vol au vents for large functions, we have everything you need right here.

For pastry chefs, why not take a look at our Plastic Rolling Pins or our Pastry Cutter Set range, where you’ll find a wide choice of pastry cutter sets that are ideal for use in commercial baking. Choose from fluted or plain cutters, or get creative with animal shapes and numbers that are ideal for impressing kids.

For those looking to give a professional finish to your desserts, why not invest in a high quality Quick Fit Blow Torch Head and Gas Canister, so you can give your Crème Brûlée’s the a crispy, golden top, so it crunches perfectly when the spoon breaks through to the creamy custard underneath. 

If you’re into decorative cooking and baking, where precision and a steady hand are key, you’ll want to check out our Piping Bag & Tubes collection. We offer a decent collection of cotton, nylon and disposable piping bags with an assortment of nozzles, so whether you’re doing fine lettering or decorative piping work for wedding cakes, you’ll have all the sizes you need.
Shop with W. V. Howe today and you’ll get high quality products at fantastically low prices every time. 

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