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When it comes to professional catering preparation equipment, Birmingham catering suppliers, W. V. Howe have a huge range of items in store. Having been quality catering equipment suppliers since 1945, we know how important it is for commercial caterers to have the exact items they require in the kitchen to get the job done quickly and efficiently. This is why you’ll find a whole host of useful catering utensils in this section, whether you’re looking for rubber spatulas, cheese wires or chopping boards.

Dive into this fantastic range and you’ll discover all sorts of equipment that you can’t live without, like our selection of Plastic Pudding Basins with lids that come in a variety of sizes – they’re essential catering equipment that’s made to the highest standards and cost effective.

Alternatively, if you’re after premium mixing bowls or measuring jugs, then look no further. We have a huge variety on offer that will mean you’ve got the perfect sized bowl for mixing all manner of ingredients during food prep, as well as quality measuring jugs that can withstand heavy use and hot liquids, like the 2.0-litre Stainless Steel Measuring Jug.

Other useful items include a variety of gadgets like egg slicers, manual salad dryers and blow torches, as well as flour dredgers, colanders, spatulas, spoons, whisks and so much more. With W. V. Howe you’ll find everything you need for food preparation equipment, all at great value prices every time.

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