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When it comes to choosing colanders for your commercial catering equipment, you can rely on W. V. Howe catering suppliers to bring you a diverse range of products that are all manufactured to the highest quality and standards at fantastically low prices.

Whether you’re straining vegetables, washing lettuce or straining rice, at W. V. Howe we have an excellent selection of plastic and metal colanders that are ideal for use in busy catering environments.

If you’re looking for a practical and hardwearing piece of equipment, then why not check out our choice of Stainless Steel Colanders that can withstand heavy weights, such as large portions of potatoes, and the double-sided handles make lifting easier and more secure.

We also stock Stainless Steel Rice Colanders, so you can have the same as the above, but with smaller holes so you don’t lose half of your cooked rice down the plug hole when it comes to straining it.