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Cream Whipping

There’s nothing quite like a dessert with whipped cream. It screams indulgence, calories and panache, so make sure your customers are wowed by your whipped cream skills by investing in a cream whipper from W. V. Howe catering suppliers.

We have hand-held Cream Whippers from leading manufacturers Kisag, as well as spare bulbs that will ensure your cream whipper is charged and ready to whip the cream up and enhance your scrumptious deserts and impress your diners. Take a look below at our range of Cream Whippers and spares and make sure your kitchen is fully equipped for the future.

At W. V. Howe we have a wide range of commercial catering equipment that covers everything from catering utensils and preparation equipment through to tableware, safety equipment and cleaning products.
For all your catering equipment needs, be it cream whippers or plates and bowls, shop with W. V. Howe today where you’ll find high quality products at fantastically low prices.