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The development of kitchen gadgets has been around for centuries, with inventor’s always looking for new ways to improve preparing and cooking food, which will make commercial catering kitchens more productive.

With W. V. Howe catering suppliers, you’ll find a wide range of kitchen gadgets on offer in our Preparation Equipment Gadgets section that are designed to make your food preparation easier, quicker and more efficient.

Our collection covers everything from the not so high-tech egg slicers, egg wedgers, four-way graters, dough scrapers and pizza cutters through to more innovative manual chippers, pasta makers, quick-fit blow torches and digital timers. All these items are kitchen essentials and will work to make food preparation less labour intensive and a more straightforward process.
With W. V. Howe, you’ll find a diverse selection of gadgets on offer that are high quality and all at bargain prices.