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Measuring Jugs

Whether you’re new to the catering industry or a seasoned pro, one essential piece of preparation equipment that shouldn’t be overlooked is the measuring jug. Used for measuring liquids of all kinds, measuring jugs make sure that accuracy and specifications are always met, so having a high quality selection of measuring jugs in your commercial kitchen is vital.

At W. V. Howe catering supplies, we have a variety of measuring jugs on offer that deliver on excellent quality and price.

For a hardwearing and durable measuring jug, why not opt for stainless steel – available in 0.5-litre up to 2.0-litre capacities – that are specifically designed to withstand heavy use in commercial catering environments.

Or perhaps you want a measuring jug and mixing bowl all–in-one so you can accurately measure ingredients and mix them all up in one convenient container, if so then we have just the products you’re looking for right here. 

See the full collection below for more great products and specifications.