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Strainers & Sieves

Whatever type of catering you’re working in, you are bound to require some sort of strainer or sieve, whether it’s for sifting flour or straining cooked rice. When you shop at W. V. Howe you’ll find an assortment of sieves and strainers that are suitable for use in the catering trade and come at fantastically low wholesale prices.

Take a look at our selection of conical stainless steel strainers, which come in different sizes  from 13cm up to 23cm  or if you want to make sure your soups, custards, sauces and purees are silky smooth, invest in a Chinois, which features an extra fine mesh for sifting out lumps and granules.

We also offer Heavy Duty Bowl Strainers with handles, Round Wire Mesh Strainers and Metal Tinned strainers in varying sizes, so you really will find everything you right here with W. V. Howe catering suppliers.