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Fire Blankets

Working in a commercial kitchen, with gas hobs, grills, electrical equipment, water and so many people, there can be a high risk of fire, which is why you should make sure you have the right fire safety equipment installed in your kitchen at all times.

At W. V. Howe we understand that safety in the kitchen is paramount, which is why we have created a Catering Safety Equipment range for food preparation areas, which includes Fire Blankets.

With many fires in a commercial kitchen involving hot fats and water, it’s not always advisable to use water-based fire extinguishers, as these can in fact make them worse. However, with a high quality Fire Blanket, you can lay it over small fires to extinguish the flames and prevent the fire from spreading.

Don’t run any risk in your kitchen, make sure you have Fire Blankets included as part of your essential catering equipment by purchasing from W. V. Howe today.