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Rubber Entrance Mats

Whatever size kitchen you’re working for and whatever type of food you’re preparing, ensuring that safety and hygiene standards are consistently maintained is vital. This is why at W. V. Howe we offer a wide assortment of Catering Safety Equipment for food preparation areas that includes Health & Safety Signs, Fire Blankets and Rubber Entrance Mats.

Right here, you’ll find our Rubber Entrance Mats, which serve as a valuable addition to food preparation areas. Inevitably, most kitchens are tiled, so having a rubber mat at the door entrance will prevent people from slipping if there’s any moisture on the surface. 

Whilst the main purpose or a rubber entrance mat is to act as a non-slip surface when entering the kitchen, it can also aid hygiene levels too, helping to remove and collect large debris that may be on the soles of shoes, preventing it from travelling into the kitchen, plus they can easily be hosed down to keep them clean.

At W. V. Howe catering suppliers, we have all aspects of catering safety covered.