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Carlisle Food Boxes

Supplies going bad or food becoming contaminated could give you headaches when running your commercial kitchen. If you lack the right storage utensils, these are certainly issues you’re risking, so why not invest in our versatile and attractive food boxes with different capacities to store your supplies in and keep your kitchen organised.

We have a variety of polycarbonate food boxes in different sizes for every storage need you can think of in your kitchen. If you have missing lids for your storage boxes, then there’s no need to buy complete new boxes, as we have lids for different sizes of food boxes too.

Our high quality storage boxes and lids help retain heat and reduce evaporation to keep your reserves fresh and in the right temperatures and you can use the clear coloured scratch resistant boxes to store bulk produce, food and ingredients in the pantry, freezer or fridge. Simply browse below to find the perfect storage boxes for all your produce.