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Dunnage Racks

When operating in a busy commercial kitchen or restaurant, you need ample space to get around especially when service is rushed. To create the space, you need to keep your catering supplies and equipment safely out of the way and off the floor to keep them from damage.

At WV Howe, we know how frustrating finding the right solution can be so we offer a range of racks to keep your frozen, dry or cold supplies off the floor and neatly arranged for easy location when you need them.

Our dunnage racks will enhance your efficiency in the kitchen as they are easy to clean and durable racks that do not bend, rust or corrode. We also offer them in a slotted design for air circulation to ensure your perishables remain fresh, and the connector locks several racks together for stability to avoid accidents.

Why not choose the racks in your favourite colours for a bright, orderly and safe kitchen by simply browsing below.