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Ingredient Bins

When you buy ingredients in bulk for your catering business, whether a restaurant or commercial kitchen or an outside catering firm, you need a safe and hygienic storage solution to keep your stock in the best condition. Our food ingredient storage bins are handy for storage of dry ingredients such as grain, sugar and flour and you will find the sliding lid very useful when you quickly need to access the contents. The clear lid also reduces handling as you can identify the contents in the bin immediately.

Our range of high quality bins do not need any liners, so once the bins are in place, there’s no issue with buying any other consumables as the lid slides to shut the container keeping the contents dry and clean.

If you have heavier ingredients, then you may worry about moving the bin and its contents around but since our ingredient bins have wheels for easy movement around the kitchen, you won’t need to find a solution for this.

If you’d like to invest in these high quality affordable food ingredient bins, simply click on the product and add your chosen number of bins to your shopping basket!