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Label Gun System

When you receive produce deliveries or you prep food in advance, you’ll likely need to get labeling to ensure there are no issues with out of date ingredients. However, when you get your essential use-by label stickers, you need an efficient and safe way to dispense them on your products without having to laboriously stick them on by hand.  Luckily, WV Howe offers a label gun system to ease your work as you quickly label all your produce with the click of a button.

Our label gun system comes with a set of day-to-day label stickers and is an easy to use tool to help you keep track of your inventory in your commercial kitchen or restaurant. It’s a versatile tool to have, as you can also use the gun to label prices on your packaged goods for sale if required. Simply click on the item below to find out more about the label gun system – it could make your business much more efficient.