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Mobile Bins

When it comes to organisation, many catering companies start small, but fail to realise that there are much bigger solutions out there for larger items. Our quality mobile bins could just be the answer to your storage needs for bulk supplies and dry ingredients such as sugar, flour and grain. We all know that bulk purchases for restaurants are more cost effective but you may run the risk of your catering supplies going off due to lack of proper storage. If you invest in our mobile bins for handling and storage of your bulk ingredients, you’ll certainly be able to buy ingredients in bulk with confidence. The sliding shut lid is air tight to keep your ingredients dry and safe from contamination, making this a very hygienic and convenient storage option.

Additionally, when it comes to maneuverability, you won’t need to call in reinforcements when you need to move the bin as it has wheels that turn in all directions to increase its mobility.

Our durable bins are durable and available in different sizes according to your storage needs. You will find we have any type of bin you need for your commercial kitchen and restaurant, so why not browse below to find the perfect ones for you.