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Round Storage Bins

A round bin is versatile around a commercial kitchen or restaurant. The uses vary from storage of dry ingredients, transportation of catering supplies and even preparing batches of drinks in it.

As such, furnishing your kitchen with one or more durable round bins like those we have on offer is an extremely savvy idea. The round storage bins we stock come in a range of colors to keep your kitchen organised – you can choose different colours for different items too. The easy to clean and scratch free design mean you will be able to continue using your round bins for years, making them great value for money too. Additionally, our bins come with their lids to keep your ingredients and inventory safe from contamination and damage. The airtight lid ensures your supplies remain in the best condition and free of moisture.

Covering all bases, if your bin lacks a lid, we stock a variety of lids made to fit. We also have dollies for medium and large round storage bins to help easily move your bin around. To find out more about any of our products simply browse below and click on your preferred choice.