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When you’re cooking in a commercial kitchen you always need to be aware of food temperatures, whether it’s in the chilling and storing process or cooking and serving. At W. V. Howe we understand that if food isn’t kept or cooked at the right temperature then it can have serious consequences for those who are eating it, such as food poisoning or worse.

This is why at W. V. Howe we have a number of high-tech thermometers that are specifically designed for testing the temperature of foods and storage areas to ensure the right temperatures for chilling, storing and cooking food are maintained at all times.

Investing in a premium quality food thermometer will no doubt prove to be a valuable addition to your commercial kitchen and it’ll give you peace of mind to. Why not take a look at the Thermamite 5 Thermometer equipped with a permanently attached penetration prove that can take readings from -30°C up to 300°C.

We also offer a number of other thermometer designs for use in kitchens and cooking, which includes oven thermometers, fridge/ freezer thermometers, sugar & jam thermometers, as well as traditional room/wall thermometers.

With our vast selection of thermometers available for all aspects of catering, you can have peace of mind that whether you’re tracking the temperature of your catering fridges, freezers, ovens, meats, fish or jams, you can get all the equipment you need right here with W. V. Howe catering suppliers.