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At W.V. Howe, we know that making sure your kitchen is clean and hygienic is an incredibly important part of working in the catering business. This is why we’ve created an extensive range of cleaning products and equipment that is specifically designed for use in commercial catering kitchens, be it schools, restaurants, cafes or mobile catering units.

In this section, you’ll find a comprehensive collection of cleaning equipment that covers all aspects of hygiene and sanitation, from colour coded brushes and mops and buckets sets, through to rubber gloves and spray soap dispensers.

A highly effective approach is with colour coded apparatus, which should only be used in specific areas to reduce the risk of cross contamination. For example having colour coded mops, buckets and brushes will ensure there is no confusion between cleaning equipment for food preparation areas and washrooms.

At W.V. Howe we’ve made shopping for your cleaning products easy – you can either browse the full collection on this page, clicking on individual items for product specifications or you can look at the individual categories for specific items. The choice is yours, but once you find what you’re looking for, you simply select your quantities, add it to your basket and head to the check out.
You can be sure that with W.V. Howe we have every aspect of catering equipment covered, from cleaning equipment through to beverage ware and insulated drink dispensers.

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