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Colour Coded Brushware

For Colour Coded Broom/Mop Handles, please see 'Coloured Mops and Buckets Section'

Minimising the risk of cross contamination between food and food preparation areas is vital in the catering industry, which is why taking a pragmatic approach to your cleaning equipment will help simplify the cleaning process and ensure that the appropriate cleaning equipment is used in the right areas.
To help you take a practical approach to cleaning, W.V. Howe, catering equipment suppliers for over seven decades, have a wide range of colour coded brushware that identify which area they should be used in. This not only helps reduce cross contamination of areas during cleaning, but also offers simple identification for cleaning apparatus even when a common language isn’t shared.
This range consists of soft and hard bristled brushes and dustpan & brush sets in a choice of blue for general use (excluding food areas), red – for sanitary appliance and washroom floors, green – for general food and bar use and yellow – for washbasins and other washroom surfaces.