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Having been catering suppliers for over seven decades, Birmingham based W.V. Howe fully understand the importance of having the appropriate safety and cleaning equipment on hand to deal with the spillages, washing up and intense cleaning that is required.

At W.V. Howe, we stock a wide range of safety and cleaning catering supplies that will ensure your kitchen is fully equipped for every eventuality and that your equipment is designed to deal with the demands of a busy commercial kitchen.

Make hand sanitisation a priority, find hand washing products, such as spray soap dispensers and paper towel dispenser units, through to high quality rubber gloves to help keep hands clean and well protected.
For effective and expert cleaning, make sure you have high quality cleaning cloths in stock, like our Knitted Dishcloths, scourers, sponge cloths, floor cloths and tea towels, perfect for washing, mopping and wiping down cookware, work surfaces and floors.

Whilst cloths help clean up the spills in a kitchen, a safety sign will help to notify workers or the general public of a wet floor and help prevent slips and falls in a busy kitchen.
Take a closer look at our full range of safety and cleaning products and you will definitely find everything you need to keep your catering kitchen clean, safe and highly productive at great low prices from W.V. Howe.