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Washing and cleaning up is not a job that many of us relish, but in the catering business it’s an essential part of the daily routine in a kitchen. But pot washing and cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore when you have the right cleaning equipment to hand to deal with the job.

For catering supplies, Birmingham based W.V. Howe has everything you need for cleaning cloths right here. In this range you’ll find a whole host of cloths available, including Sponge Pan Cleaners with Scourer backs, knitted dishcloths, dusters, tea towels, scouring pads and sponge cloths. We even stock floor cloths for coping with the inevitable spillages that happen in a busy cooking environment.

Equip your commercial kitchen with high quality cleaning cloths from W.V. Howe and you’ll make cleaning up a whole lot easier and be getting great value for money every time.