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Static Bins

Keeping rubbish contained securely and hygienically is crucial when it comes to working in catering. At W.V. Howe we offer an extensive range of top quality static refuse bins to suit all your catering equipment requirements. We’ve made it our business to source the best static bins in the industry from brands like Rubbermaid, that come in a wide range of sizes, designs and colours.

The static refuse bins in our range have been made to be durable, functional and hygienic. For the ultimate in hygiene and odour reduction, products like the Rubbermaid Step-On Bin, available in a choice of sizes, is the ideal choice. Made from robust, puncture proof plastic, it features a tight-fitting, overlapping lid to help keep unpleasant smells from escaping, as well as a heavy-duty foot pedal for sanitary, hands-free use.
Why not take a closer look at our full range of static refuse bins and you’re sure to find the right product to suit your catering equipment needs.