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Swirl Bowls

With W. V. Howe catering suppliers, you’ll find everything you could possibly need for deli service and informal dining, like these delightful Swirl Bowls from Cambro. They’re the perfect way to serve sweet treats and side dishes - from ice cream, yoghurt, fruit salads through to salsas, dips and nibbles.

With an attractive swirl design, these versatile deli bowls will enhance food presentation and offer a practical way to serve food, whether you use them as a side dish on larger plates or on display in a deli counter.
These clear dishes are made from virtually unbreakable e Camwear® polycarbonate, making them highly durable and robust, as well as designed to be stackable for easy storage. Suitable for serving up hot or cold food, you’ll find plenty of uses in your kitchen for these high quality clear deli bowls from W. V, Howe.