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Long Model Wallboards

With W. V. Howe you’ll find an exceptionally diverse range of catering equipment supplies, which covers everything from catering utensils and tableware through to cleaning items and display accessories.
In this section you’ll find a selection of Long Model Wallboards, which are ideal for use in pubs, restaurants, cafes, brasseries, bars and more. They offer a rustic and versatile way of letting your customers know about special discounts, daily food and drink specials or even a welcome message for your establishment – the choice is yours.

Our Long Model Wallboards feature teak-frames and a chalkboard surface, which can be easily written on with wallboard markers or chalk and wiped clean whenever you need to update it. We have a choice of sizes to choose from, so you’ll find just the right wallboard to suit your business at W. V. Howe catering suppliers.