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Buffet Trays

Whether you’re serving up delicate canapés, cold meats or sandwiches, display trays are an essential piece of equipment for buffet service. At W. V. Howe we have a choice of Buffet Trays, which offer you the perfect way of presenting your culinary delights.

Made from stainless steel, our Buffet Trays are robust, durable and elegant, as well as versatile. They can be used to serve up a wide variety of dishes, and even include the choice of standard or stackable buffet trays, which allow you to prepare trays in advance and stack them up for easy storage and transportation, without damaging the food below.

When you shop with W. V. Howe you’ll find a huge and diverse range of catering equipment, so whether you need catering utensils, tableware, appliances or display trays, we have everything all in one convenient place.

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