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Chafing Dishes

Chafing dishes are an incredibly useful piece of catering equipment for warming food. As a portable heated food service they offer a practical solution, as well as an elegant and stylish way to present warm food.
At W. V. Howe catering suppliers, we have a choice of chafing dishes and fuels on offer, so you’ll find everything you need. Ideal for use in hotels or large functions where warm food service is on offer, the Chafing dish allows hot dishes to be prepared in the kitchen and then remain at optimum temperature for longer, which is essential for buffet service.

Modern chafing dishes use alternative heating methods to charcoal, which is safer and more effective, why not check out our Chafing Fuel Sterno Wick, which offers 6 hours of burning time, no waste and an odourless and completely non-toxic heat source.

As well as Chafing Wicks, you’ll find a choice of sizes and designs for Chafing Dishes, including the Oval Chafing Dish and the easy access Full Size Roll-Top Chafing Dish right here at W. V. Howe.