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Polycarbonate Utensils

Whatever type of catering you’re providing, it’s important to have the right utensils to serve up your dishes. So when it comes to deciding on the type of food servers you want in your establishment, you can’t go wrong with polycarbonate utensils.

Made from exceptionally strong and durable plastic, polycarbonate utensils will prove to be a good investment time and time again. They’re cost effective, scratch resistant, virtually unbreakable and incredibly durable, plus they look stylish too.

At W.V. Howe we offer a comprehensive range of polycarbonate utensils that can be used in an array of catering environments – delis, bakeries, buffet counters, salad bars, cafes, restaurants and more.
Our collection of polycarbonate utensils includes an assortment of polycarbonate ladles, spoons and tongs in different designs and colours. We highly recommend the Angled Easy Grip Tongs in black for added handling ability on slippery or hard to grip foods. Other valuable items for any deli counter or buffet has to be a polycarbonate spoon which are also available in a choice of designs, sizes and specifications, including perforated salad and serving spoons.

With polycarbonate utensils from W.V. Howe catering equipment suppliers, you’ll have all the items you need to make counter service easy for you and your customers, whether you’re dishing up dressings or salads.

You can take check out our complete range of polycarbonate utensils below – you can simply add items to your basket then head to the check out.