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Wipe Clean Tablecloths

In a busy café or restaurant you may want to give your tables a homely feel with a tablecloth, but don’t have the time for constant washing and changing, which is why wipe clean tablecloths offer the perfect alternative.
With W.V. Howe catering equipment suppliers, you’ll find a great range of wipe clean tablecloths that will make life easier for you and enhance your diner’s experience. Available in a range of sizes, colours and patterns you’re sure to find something to suit your establishment.
With a wipe clean tablecloth you no longer need to worry about food and drink stains or constant linen washing, you can simply wipe away the debris with an anti-bacterial spray so your table tops remain hygienic and ready for the next set of customers.
You can always rely on W.V. Howe catering suppliers to deliver great value for money and quality for wholesale catering equipment.