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Food Covers

In the catering industry there is always a need to keep food covered, whether it’s to keep away flies, keep it warm or free from contamination. At W.V. Howe catering suppliers Birmingham, we have a selection of food covers to suit all your needs.
If you want to give your food service a classic feel and a touch of flair, they why not take a look at the Stainless Steel Dome Cover, which will not only keep food warm, but keep diners nicely in suspense. It’s the ideal solution to keep food warm and uncontaminated for hotel room service or event caterers where food service may be slightly staggered.
Other handy food covers include polycarbonate plate covers in a choice of sizes or the nylon food cover or fly umbrella that will help to keep pesky bugs away from contaminating food.  Whatever you’re serving up, you can keep it nicely protected with food covers from W.V. Howe catering suppliers.