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Non-Slip Trays Fibreglass

There are certain situations in catering, where a non-slip tray is a vital piece of equipment, which is why at W.V. Howe catering equipment suppliers, we have a range of high quality fibreglass non-slip trays that are fit for purpose.
Whether you’re serving drinks in a bar or food in a restaurant, these non-slip fibreglass trays are hard-wearing, practical and the perfect choice. At W.V. Howe we have a variety of sizes and shapes available in this range, as well as different colours, so if you want a brighter colour than classic black, you simply have to ask.
With a fibreglass non-slip tray you can have confidence that whatever you’re carrying or serving to your customers, evertying will stay in place. With W. V Howe, you’ll get quality products at competitive prices, so get a better look at all the products we have in stock below.