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We sell a varied assortment of barware to cater to all of your requirements, including trays, straw dispensers, strainers, shakers, weights and measures, and much more. We pride ourselves on the highest levels of quality at competitive rates, and thus we are confident that you will be more than happy with the barware you receive when you shop with W.V. Howe.

We recognise that it is vital for you to have all of the necessary service and display equipment for your bar, especially if you make cocktails, as you will need all of the correct equipment to make a vast assortment of drinks. This is why we have worked hard to carefully source all of the barware items you may require, a large proportion of which have been manufactured here in the UK.

We go above and beyond the stand cocktail shakers and stirrers. You will find ‘Wine By The Glass’ signs as well as copies of the Licensing Act so that you can display them in your bar. We also have non-slip trays for sale, ensuring the dreaded scenario of spilling a drink on the customer is avoided as much as possible.

No matter what products you purchase, you can be sure of premium levels of quality. We have an impeccable reputation in the industry and over 70 years of experience, which should put your mind at ease. We also offer a flexible service; so if you need your products in a hurry, don’t panic, as there is an express delivery option available.

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