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Catering Glassware

At W.V. Howe catering suppliers, we offer an impressive range of catering glassware, suitable for all kinds of businesses, whether you’re a pub, restaurant, independent caterer or public sector catering.
Our catering glassware is sourced from leading manufacturers Arcoroc, so you know you’re getting high quality glassware at great value prices.

Amongst our range of catering glassware, you’ll find everything from tempered glass bowls for cooking or serving, as well as toughened glass ashtrays, all the way through to attractive stemware and glass tumblers. Some of our favourites in this range include our stunning collection of jugs, carafes and decanters, which can be used to serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in a wide range of establishments.
Another highlight has to be our wide selection of stemware that offers elegant and practical glassware for wine, spirits and champagne – we simply love the Cepage and Princesa collections, made with classic designs and high quality glass.

For serving the perfect pint, head to the tumblers section, where you’ll find a choice of traditional beer mugs, pilsner glasses through to hi-ball tumblers. For everything else you could possibly need for glassware, visit our specialty catering glassware range that features shot glasses, cocktail classes, sundae dishes and more.

With W.V. Howe you’ll find everything you could possibly need for catering glassware, right here. Simply take a few minutes to register with us and then you can begin shopping and bagging bargains for wholesale catering equipment.

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