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Melamine tableware is frequently used in public sector organisations such as schools, prisons and hospitals, due to its strong, lightweight and shatter resistant properties, although there are plenty of other catering businesses that can benefit too. At W.V. Howe catering suppliers, we have an extensive range of melamine tableware on offer. 

In this section, you’ll find a vast selection of melamine tableware designs, which covers everything from classic, plain white or Duo-Black Line through to the colourful Carlisle Caribbean Tile or Spanish Tile designs, which add a little more zest and exotic flavour to the dishes.

When you shop with W.V. Howe for melamine tableware, you’re not only getting chip resistant and scratch proof plates that look fantastic, but they’re durable and long-lasting so make for a great investment too.

Take a closer look at our stunning range of melamine tableware below and find the perfect solution for your catering business, whether you work in the public or private sector.