Essential Utensils for Your Commercial Kitchen

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When it comes to catering utensils, at W.V. Howe we have a huge array of the highest quality equipment available. We have been in business for over 70 years and are the leading UK wholesale catering equipment suppliers. Whatever items you are missing from your commercial kitchen we are sure to be able to assist you.

Kitchen Scales

From the smallest mobile catering business to the largest restaurant, kitchen scales are an essential piece of equipment, and a good quality pair of scales will stand the test of time. Accuracy with ingredients for baking and portion control can make all the difference to your end product. We supply scales with a variety of mechanisms and capacities, or if you are just updating an old set of scales we can also supply weight sets for traditional balance scales.

kitchen scales

Kitchen Knives

No commercial kitchen should be without at least one set of high quality, premium kitchen knives. At W.V Howe we have a selection of knives from some of the leading worldwide manufacturers available: Sabatier, Granton and Messerhaus. When it comes to knives the right ones will give you years of service and prove to be a very good investment

In addition to knives we also have a great selection of those all-important accessories that no kitchen should be without, including the ANYSHARP Blue Knife Sharpener, magnetic knife strips, Cut Resistant Safety Gloves.

sabatier ststeel knife set wallet

Chopping Boards

There is little point spending out on good quality knives without also investing in good quality chopping boards. Where food safety and hygiene is concerned it is often not cost effective to cut corners. We offer a range of chopping boards in a variety of sizes and densities. All of our chopping boards are colour-coded to meet UK hygiene standards, we also stock colour coded food preparation charts to remind your staff which board should be used for each food type.

If you are looking for a hardwearing chopping board that can be washed in the dishwasher, then look no further than our Premier Chopping Boards and High Density collections.

premier quality chopping board

So if you feel that there are some catering utensils missing from your commercial kitchen, or that your business could benefit from more of what you already have why not browse the extensive selection of stock at W.V Howe Catering Suppliers. Our longstanding reputation in the industry means we have built up strong bonds with leading manufacturers, which allows us to offer the best catering supplies at amazing prices.



canteen tray 


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